Shanghai ICS TV reports on the Culture Camp

Over 600 children and teenagers from all over the world have experienced our Summer or Winter Camp in the past few years. This brilliant and vibrant Summer or Winter camp may be waiting for you in  the  future.

Maybe you intend to let your family take the opportunity to study more mandarin or Chinese Culture. Here is a rare and Educational Summer or Winter program which Mandarin Garden offers that is not to be missed. Our Camp program consists of many interesting activities,

Tour Study Media

We have accumulated many resources in the Chinese culture experienceTour study programme. No matter visa issues, or accommodation arrangements, we are very confident to say: Mandarin Garden is the leading representative of Chinese culture experienceTour study programme management.

Mandarin Garden introduce

Mandarin Garden is a international Chinese teaching center and mandarin teacher training organization in Shanghai. Eligible to run a center with a legal center license (License No.131010572011090). We have 8 centers in China (Shanghai 3 centers, Beijing, Ningbo, Changchun, Wuhan, Lijiang of Yunnan Province) and 1 overseas center----Tokyo), all of which have a traditional Chinese-feeling environment to allow you to better assimilate into the sea of Chinese culture.

Shanghai Dragon TV report  Mandarin Garden participated in the 10th Confucius institute conference

On December 6 and 7, the 10th Global Confucius institute conference was concluded successfully. With more than 2300 headmasters from 134 countries all over the world, The Confucius Institute president and concerned personnel participated in the conference. The scale of the Confucius institute conference, set a record since Confucius institute was established 11 years ago .

Vip Center Show
We have a new VIP center which is located at the Yintao Golf Club in Shanghai's Qingpu District. It lies in the center of villa area, surrounded by hundreds of trees and gardens with blooming flowers all year long. Here we deliver a wide range of services including Mandarin classes, gym club activities, and golf. It is a traditional golf club up to modern standards, and is welcoming and relaxed towards all our new friends.

Travel the world with Mandarin Garden, Mandarin Garden will show you the real China
We do hope that every foreigner whos learning Chinese could choose Mandarin Garden. All those foreign learners love Chinese language, even though they come from different countries, and have different jobs and life. When the moment they entered Mandarin Garden, Mandarin Garden is full of love and sincere services. We hope that we could record every moment and every one of them through camera, to let more people know about us.

Global Alliance Program
As the leading institution of Chinese language and culture training in the world,Mandarin Garden has already done the R&D of Global Mandarin Online Platforms by itself. The GAP (Global Alliance Program) is under way! We invite like-minded partners at home and abroad to participate in the Global Alliance!