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Mandarin Garden Education Group is a professional Chinese foreign language teaching institution. It is a platform for Chinese language & culture, communication, cross-cultural communication skills training and teacher training!

Our brands "Mandarin Garden Chinese". "Mandarin Garden", "Mandarin Garden Technology", “Ruhong Academy” and “Mandarin Garden Chinese Teacher Overseas Assignment”, are all committed to focusing on creating a Global Chain of the products and services we currently offer. Chinese as a foreign language training, cultural exchanges and communication, international foreign language teacher training, international cross-cultural communication management training, Talent input and output as well as career development.

Mandarin Garden Education has three centers in Shanghai including its headquarters, and direct centers in Wuxi, Ningbo, Changchun, and Lijiang. Locations outside of China can be found in Tokyo Japan, London, Sydney, Bangkok, and Seoul, International export centers with Mandarin Garden certified foreign teachers, foreign student enrollment centers, and study tours.

Mandarin Garden is a large professional Foreign language teaching organization in Shanghai, with over eight years of international Chinese teaching experience. The center learning environment has an authentic Chinese atmosphere and characteristics to help students fully immerse themselves in the sea of Chinese culture while learning the language. We have held Chinese courses for hundreds of world-renowned global Fortune 500 companies, foreign employees, corporate executives and their families, and foreign students, that have accounted for over 6,000 people. Mandarin Garden has been featured many times in foreign media, in publications such as “That’s Shanghai”, “City Week”, “ICS Shanghai English Channel”, “NEWS”, and“China Daily” as foreigners favorite language center in Shanghai. We are the professional Mandarin learning institution which has the core ability to teach at all levels and provides all types of Mandarin programs available.

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