Let the Chinese summer camp help you to tide over difficulties of learning Chinese !


Let the Chinese summer camp help you to tide over difficulties of learning Chinese !

With the increasing number of foreigners coming to China, more and more people are learning Chinese, so that HSK is a kind of test for the learners. Many foreigners get a headache looking at the papers, so Chinese schools take it along at this time.And the Chinese summer camp seems to be the most comfortable way to learn Chinese.

As we all know,that Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (“汉语水平考试”), or HSK for short, is an international standardized examination according to official explanation, which accesses non-native speakers’ ability of communicate with Chinese in life, study and work. All foreign students studying in China have dealt with HSK.And these small partners want to exchange their learning experience, to develop more profound interest in Chinese by participating in the Chinese summer camp. Mandaringarden is dedicated to help these who like Chinese very much.

In recent decades, the number of foreign students studying in China has grown year by year, and has reached a scale so far. Hao ping, Vice Minister of education in China, once said at the closing ceremony of the Eleventh Confucius Institute Conference held in December 2016 that China is the third largest international academic destination in the world after the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2016, there were nearly 400000 students from different countries and regions studying in China. Even the number of joining Chinese summer camps is countless,too.

For these hundreds of thousands of foreign students, HSK is not only the threshold for their study in China, but also the language barrier needed to be overcome constantly.It is mandaringarden’s duty to help this foreign friends.

The number of Chinese learners is increasing continually, and Shanghai Chinese school,especially,like mandaringarden,is full of students. And teachers in MandarinGarden are using diversified teaching models to help foreigners learn Chinese. It is likely that many foreigners are more nervous to take the HSK test than we take the IELTS or TOEFL test.Then,let Chinese summer camp help them solve their anxiety.