Foreign students staged a "Beggars squat" at graduation ceremony:Chinese spirit changed my views


Foreign students staged a "Beggars squat" at graduation ceremony:Chinese spirit changed my views

Today, when studying abroad is unusually hot,so does Chinese summer camp, a student from the United States is crazy about China's Confucian culture and regards it as a guideline for his future career development. In a few days before the graduation ceremony, the students were speaking on behalf of, he used 3 funny story about "how to harmony but not Sameness" concept can be applied to today's complex, the turmoil of the international situation, how to guide the direction for students abroad,like joining the Chinese summer camp sometimes? What's the matter? Look around with me!

In July 5, 2017, at the commencement of the 2017 Graduate School of Peking University, Cody, an international student from the United States, came to power as a student representative.

In his speech, he showed off what he had learned in China, "beggar's squat", which is hot online this summer,made all the students and teachers laugh.

The video was later broadcast on the Internet, followed by CCTV, and praised his speech.

In his speech, Cody not only speak fluent Mandarin, but also throughout the whole process of unscripted speech, smooth and natural, and sometimes referred to "out of your family" such Chinese classic quotations, his Chinese is remarkable.

He even makes fun of the president of the United States,Trump,it’s laughing, and I have to say his IQ EQ both online!

Netizens have also point praise for him:

Alvin’s speech videos

How many conflicts in the world are caused by too little communication?

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