Learn Chinese, you must see a painting full of Chinese culture,The Qingming Festival  


Learn Chinese, you must see a painting full of Chinese culture,The Qingming Festival

Qingming Festival is one of the Chinese ten paintings, made by the Northern Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan, is the only surviving boutique, belongs to the national treasures, is now in the possession of the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing.

This painting, a vivid record of the China twelfth Century in BianJing (also known as the capital of Northern Song Dynasty Bianjing, now Kaifeng in Henan). The appearance of the city and the living conditions of the people of all social strata. In the five meter long scroll, there are a huge number of characters, cattle, mules, donkeys and other livestock, car, car, boats, houses, bridges, towers and other characteristics, reflect the characteristics of the Song Dynasty architecture, is the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty Bianjing prosperity of the witness, also is the city's portrayal of economic situation.This is unique in the history of painting in China and even in the world.

"Qingming Festival" is one of the most famous Chinese painting of history, it is not only a great realist painting art treasures, but also provides detailed image of first-hand information about a commercial metropolis in the Northern Song Dynasty, the handicraft industry, folk customs, architecture, transportation and so on, has important historical value.

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