The latest visa policy for foreigners to learn Chinese in China!


The latest visa policy for foreigners to learn Chinese in China!

21st Jun 2017,the “Foreign Work Permit” system upgraded to version 2.0. The old 1.0 system will be shut down at 1st July 2017.Because of the government technical problem, most of companies 1.0 system data do not import well into 2.0 system, so most of companies need to register and verify again in the 2.0 system. It takes about 3 working days.  (Your company should register 2.0 system ASAP!)

Update on 18th April 2017, Shanghai as an experimental unit, will start the new “Work Permit” policy from November 2016, then from 1st April 2017, the whole China will take affect. According to new policy, the old “Alien Employment Permit” and old “Foreign Expert Certificate” will combine to one named “Foreigner’s Work Permit” (FWP). The foreign expert bureau will taking charge of it.

The new policy will divide the foreigner who works in China into 3 categories. Class A (Talent - encourage), Class B (Specialty - control), Class C (Normal - restrict), How to determine?

Class A

(if you meet the condition of either one below):

Selected by China talent import plan

Internationally recognized rewards

Scarce jobs encouraged by Chinese government

Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent

Selected by the Youth-Talent project

Personal comprehensive quality - score >85 points, score sheet below:

Class B

(your job must be one open for foreign expat), and then you have to meet the condition of either one below:

You have Bachelor or higher degree and 2 years full time related work experience.

You have Bachelor or higher degree and Your salary is equal or over 26,100 RMB/Month (the government will check your income tax receipt next year)

For foreign language teacher in China, you should have Bachelor or higher degree and 2 years full time teaching experience, and you can only teach your native language. If your major is Education, Language or Teaching or if you have recognized TEFL certificate, then 2 years full time teaching experience can be exempt.

Personal comprehensive quality – score 60-84 points, score sheet above.

Class C

(number of employee has limitation) and it’s inlcuing:

Foreigner who came to China to learn Chinese culture based on governments agreement.

Internship to learn Chinese based on government agreement (F.E. French intern 1000).

Foreign maid who will come to China and serve for Class A.

Some seasonal job on border of China that is approved by Chinese government.

To apply the “Foreigner’s work permit” (FWP), you need to apply the “Foreigner’s work license”(FWL) first, It takes about 20 working days all together.

Checklist for applying the FWL:

Application form

Working experience letter

Applicant’s highest degree (Authenticated by the Chinese Embassy / Consulate, or Authenticated by the foreign Embassy / Consulate in China, or notarized by a local notary public in applicant's home country)

Applicant’s police clearance (issued by your home country local police department or security department or notary public or Consulate in China is all ok)

Health certificate

Employment contract

Other qualifications

If you belong to class A, then you will have following benefit:

No age limit and no working experience required.

Applicant who want to learn Chinese no need to provide any original documents before you come to China.

No need to provide official police clearance (using letter of commitment instead)

Have express service, processing time save 50%.

If applicant belongs to class A, list 1 (Selected by China talent import plan), most of documents can use letter of commitment instead.

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