Foreigners in Shanghai Learn Mandarin, Start with the Difficulties!


Foreigners in Shanghai Learn Mandarin, Start with the Difficulties!

Foreigners who have just started learning Mandarin in shanghai are actually very hard, for the difference between Chinese and other languages is really great, from pronunciation to grammar, from reading to writing, everything is not easy.What really matters is that we must have a good language environment to learn Chinese, and Foreigners Learn Mandarin in Shanghai can provide foreigners with such an environment.

The first problem, pronunciation.

For those foreigners who haven’t learned Chinese, they don’t know the correct pronunciation of pinyin at all, but only imitate and cannot pronounce accurately. Therefore, foreigners have to learn pinyin carefully first when aiming at pronunciation.

The second problem, grammar.

Some foreigners can speak a little Chinese. However, due to different native language environment, many foreigners’ Chinese speaking always make people laugh. This is because their word orders are incoherent since their grammar is not qualified.

The third problem, literacy.

Chinese characters are in square shape, so there is a big difference in characters between Chinese and other languages. What’s more, the number of Chinese characters is more than thousands, it is a great test for foreigners to learn Chinese in quantity and quality.

The fourth problem, writing.

Because the writing system of Chinese is very complicated, and the components are discharged in two-dimensional space rather than one-dimensional space like alphabets. As a result, many foreigners can’t distinguish the similar Chinese characters at all.

With the number of people learning mandarin in shanghai is continually increasing, and more and more learners chose to learn in Chinese schools, many foreigners travelled furthest to Shanghai Mandarin Garden. No matter how long they study, I believe it will be a wonderful journey for the foreigners.

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