how to change your life by studying mandarin

In recent years, with the development of Chinese economy, the status of Chinese has greatly improved. Russia and other countries will be included Chinese in nationwide examination system, in many countries to learn Chinese is not only the college students and adults, and children of primary and secondary schools are also beginning to be taught how to study mandarin and experience Chinese culture activities. Danish prince Henrik, in an interview with Chinese media recently, but also can speak fluent mandarin.

Prince Henrik talked about his love for the Chinese art, can not help but reveal a connoisseur confident smile. "Nearly 50 years, we began to collect cultural relics of China and Africa, so the royal family has a lot of this aspect of the collection." Before this, the existing more than 1000 years ancient royal mainly European art collection. "The zhou dynasty, han dynasty bronze ware, during the Ming and qing dynasties of the painting is my favorite." Henrik said.

On the international community more than 170 million Chinese learners, or need to quickly learn how to study mandarin to normal communicate with friends, business partners and Chinese foreign friends. The process of their learning may be not as simple as prince Henrik, because the latter has a full of talent and interest. But have a good language learning guide, can bring you a lot of help.