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November 27 afternoon was a Chinese Mandarin Garden calligraphy activity time again. When entering the classroom, the teacher is already rummaging in the bookshelf , looking for good ink, on the paper,written with the ink still wet,four words: "Mountain and Flowing Water".

Some students come in one after another, teacher handing everyone a paper, writing brush and ink cartridges, firstly,Let everyone according to his habit to write . "Before writing, pay attention to posture, the body position, the pen position, chest and abdomen,straightening up the upper body , relaxing the shoulders  ......"

Everyone quickly  adjusted their position, "the focal point is on the feet, open the two feet, relax the shoulder , the heel must be completely touching the ground. "the studients who didn`t get the posture yet , immediately adjusted up. After a few seconds,wrote a word, the teacher reminded: "Attention foot posture." Several people blushing open the feet apart.

"This emphasizes the feet position, because calligraphy is like tai chi, you need an internal force, which connect the force from the body and the contact with the ground, starting from the feet, the whole body strength is concentrated in the arms, that way writing the word would be more powerful, "the teacher explained," Everyone take a  look at the  just written word, is it not only the shape, powerless? "They all nodded.In addition to the posture, the teacher redress incorrect way  two girls holding the paintbrush, they looked a little bit embarrassed " Everything come from learning, if there  is no result in the first time it does not matter, constantly fucus  and it going to be really quick to adapt into it." The teacher said that gently.

He also affirm that calligraphy has always emphasize the "potential",a written down word must have "potential", but you first need to have good posture, there is no orderly posture, written word does not have to be always perfect. while hearing that ,everyone quitly adjust their posture,carrefuly holding their paintbrushs,everyone looking like a little soldiers during a training time. The teacher looked at all of varying lengths written word, a smile and calling everyone to gather around.