Mandarin Garden and Japan city into the education group reached a strategic cooperation


"People's Daily News" Mandarin Garden education and Japan city into the education group reached a strategic cooperation Press release

January 21st information, Mandarin Garden education group and Japan`s city education group reached a strategic cooperation, cooperative development <shijinChinese language Mandarin Garden classroom> project.Mutual devotion for propagation and Promotion of Chinese language and Chinese culture in Japan territory!city into- Mandarin Garden, "Chinese language classroom "project introduction:

City into the Mandarin Garden Chinese classroom, the Chinese language classroom is located in the most prosperous akasaka, Tokyo, Japan, edo cultural center, has more than 1000 square meters of space, decorated in Chinese style. Offer one-on-one classes, small group classes, Company classes, involves the daily Chinese, business Chinese, HSK examination tutorship, summer camp, travel abroad,and so, such a differents type of courses fulfill the needs of the learnerss. Also opened the international enrollment of Chinese teachers' training, through training,  trainee can get the international certification association promulgate of International registration of Chinese language teaching high level qualifications certification, convenient for Chinese people living in Japan ,to get a better teaching result. The excellent talented teachers can also be selected .

The Japanese shijin education group introduction:City Into a financial holding group co., LTD city (avio city into ホ ー ル デ ィ ン グ ス) is Japan's largest education group, the group has a formal temporary staff of 765, 4857 . With 10 subsidiaries, 220 Classroom  branches in various cities in Japan.The group's predecessor was founded in June 1975 "ichikawa into learning classroom".