Mandarin Garden Chinese teaching qualification reports


People's Insurance National Department public network recruitment approved Mandarin Garden Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language  qualification reports Press Releases

People's Insurance  National Department  public network recruitment approved  Mandarin Garden Chinese teaching qualification reports

"IPA International Registration of Chinese Teacher" is the International Certification Association (IPA) based on the status of Chinese teachers of great international demand and the introduction of accreditation by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security authorization across the country. Unified examination, unified national examination time for the annual March, June, September and December.

According to information, many of the IPA International Registration of Chinese Teacher  want to go abroad to teach Chinese to students of all ages, but also widely recognized by many of the world's top 500 foreign executives trainees. IPA accreditation system is different from other domestic certification its  biggest difference,is that it is  more compatible  with the international market-oriented certification requirements, the certification of the students from teaching Chinese as a foreign language methodes, the lesson plan design, cross-cultural communication and so on is more popular with foreign students,  the aspect of professional degrees is more trusted by the students. Through the survey , after getting  the IPA  certification,  teachers still have to try to give a lecture to the students to give them more satisfaction ,give them interest in learning ,keep their loyaty,(to continue class rates)before the training has obviously improved.More importantly, APA international registration of Chinese as a foreign language teacher certification system compared with other authentication is more rigorous and standard, not only focus on learning theory, at the same time pay more  emphasis on practical teaching ability assessment, Especially in terms of cross-cultural education ! Fully consider the bilingual and multilingual teaching Chinese as a foreign language, the teaching object for non-native Chinese students abroad, etc.

News Source: People's Republic of China Ministry of Human Resources and  National Public Social Security Recruitment Network

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