What is the Chinese Pinyin system?


As we all known,Chinese is the language whose characters contains the three things:the meaning,the figure and the sound,therefore,Chinese is different from the western phonograph languages like English,Spanish or French.However,in the modern age of China,the Pinyin system was invented to help people pronounce the sound of the Chinese characters,and now the Pinyin makes it much easier for foreigners to set about the Chinese learning.

At the early age of China’s modernization development,the Chinese language revealed it drawbacks as the meaning-phonetic language.It is so difficult for people to learn,write and store in the information mode that people invented the Pinyin system.Nowadays,Pinyin has applied to Chinese phonetic notation,Chinese characters learning,model standard writing,data retrieval and information processing and many other things.It also has been recognized as the fine tool to help western foreigners to pronounce Chinese correctly and quickly.It is a remarkable fact that Pinyin system is designed to be the phonetic tool for helping to learn Chinese and promote the Putonghua.

Some people may raise the question that why Chinese just doesn’t transfer to the Pinyin system directly due to its efficiency and convenience,and the answer to that is very clear and definite.The syllable construction of Chinese is quite simple and of which the number is finite,while the number of Chinese morphemes is much bigger than that of syllable.upon actualizing the Pinyin system in place of meaning-phonetic Chinese,the morphemes sharing the same the syllable would be very confusing for people to use,like dēng can be many things.

So as to avoid the chaos and complication,we must acknowledge Pinyin system as the very tool for auxiliary rather than Chinese itself.Mandarin Garden,as another powerful Chinese learning auxiliary in Shanghai,where you can learn the normative Pinyin pronunciation and mandarin language.