Chinese medicine embraces Mandarin Garden


During the second week of August,Mandarin Garden will usher in two beautiful young women Chinese medicine physicians.They are master students from Chinese Medicine college and carrying out a free treatment program.

The traditional Chinese medicine is anchored in the Chinese culture,especially the ying-and-yang theory and five elements theory.In Chinese medicine,people are composed of Qi,energy and spirit,and the physician can diagnose their symptoms by observing,sniffing,asking and feeling the pulse.Then they find out the causes which may related to the organs or body channels and treat the sickness with the acupuncture,cupping,massage and diet therapy so as to balance the ying and yang through the whole body and create the Qi and the Spirit.

Among those treatment therapies,the most popular one would be the hot cupping.Cupping therapy is one of the most traditional treatment methods in Chinese history,and it is operated easily and adapts to different kinds of illness.At recent Rio Olympic Games,the hot cupping therapy gains popularity among the foreign athletes.The red spots on Michael Fhelps’s body prove that the Chinese medicine has received the good reputation over the world.

Chinese medicine,differing from the western medicine,is the collection of the experience based on the traditional Chinese culture and have close connection with the astronomy,geography,music,climate and other things.Theories about Ying-and-Yang,five elements,human being harmony with nature and Qi&Spirit are all covered in the treatment,thus,Mandarin Garden choose the Chinese medicine treatment to be the special culture activity.This summer,come to  Mandarin Garden,learing Chinese while strengthening your body together.