More and more foreigners are nearly driven to insanity by an exam of Chinese !


More and more foreigners are nearly driven to insanity by an exam of Chinese !

It is told that...

With the soaring of Chinese nation, more and more foreign friends select to develop or study in China, and that has become a very obvious trend.

Language is a hard barrier difficult to surmount in another country. In order to be merged into Chinese society in living, doing business or studying, language is the first challenge.

However, it is this challenge that blocks countless foreigners——Mandarin is too difficult to learn!

In fact, many episodes about learning mandarin band 4 and band 6 ever emerged in Internet before, for example, examinees are required to distinguish the following sentences:

1. Wear as many as possible clothing in winter; wear as few as possible clothing in summer.

2. A girl was heard to call her boy friend in subway: I have arrived at Xizhimen, and you shall leave for the subway station soon. You shall wait for me if you arrive before me. You shall wait and see if you arrive after me!


Those are only episodes.

Authentic Chinese language examination for foreigners is called Chinese level examination (HSK), it can be understood as IELTS or TOEFL in Chinese, in order to be merged into Chinese society, foreigners who learned mandarin in mandaringarden said they shall learn mandarin and pass that examination, which is a nightmare of multitudinous foreigner

Now HSK is explained in detail...

HSK is totally divided into six levels, among them, examinees of level one are required to grasp 150 vocabularies, but examinees of level six are required to grasp over 5000 vocabularies,when you learn mandarin,the basic step is to concrete requirements for the vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening comprehension and writing of HSK are as follows:

Its test sites are widely distributed, at present, it has more than 860 test sites worldwide, including over 530 overseas test sites, which are spread all over 112 countries. And mandaringarden has one HSK test.

There are test site of HSK in almost all countries, such as Japan, ROK, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Viet Nam of Asia, .... France, Italy, Germany, Britain, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium of Europe, ... as well as the U.S.A., Canada and Australia familiar to us.

In fact, in mandaringarden,its examination site is similar to that of IELTS and TOEFL, such as the test site of HSK in






New Zealand

Which are full of examination scenes like IELTS and TOEFL.

And with the unfolding of the Belt and Road Strategy, the importance of learning mandarin gets more and more obvious in each country, even if HSK is not a must, such as many countries including Pakistan, in order to grasp the opportunity to come, many pupils are arranged by their parents to learn mandarin in mandaringarden.

and also learn other cultural aspects of China.

Since learning mandarin is more and more emphasized, the number of persons applying for HSK is always increasing to one after another record.

I know what you are thinking, and several examination questions of HSK are presented for you.

Here is the reading portion in the model test of HSK band six, please feel it.

I am sure that you could not get a score of 100 even if Chinese language is your mother language.

There is no such question ofyour denture is like an inborn one, is that right?, but such kind of questions are so hard to answer for a foreign friend whose native language is not Chinese language.

Since HSK is hard to pass, so a successful examinee after obtaining the certificate almost looks like this.a boy who is learning mandarin in mandaringarden.

In any case,

It is certain that in the days to come, more and more foreigners will attend HSK.

Be painful for a while.

In addition, the examination result of HSK is different in different countries. For example, the examination results of examinees from Italy of Europe, the U.S.A. of America and ROK of Asia greatly differ.

In terms of listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing, Italian and American examinees can generally get higher score than global average, but the average score of ROK examinees is generally lower than the average score.

Have a look at this table of data.

Finally, your problem to ask is known ——

What is the use of learning mandarin? Is it very useful?

Well, here is a report from dailymail today.

It is known by a network station of Britain for job hunting through investigation:

Chinese language and Japanese language have become the most favorable language skills for job seekers in Britain, if one has either of the above two skills, his (her) average annual salary exceeds 31000 pounds (over 260 thousand yuan RMB), which is still increasing, but for German which was the best received last year, the average annual salary has decreased...

The net friends under the report also acknowledged that report very much,

It is very useful, I agree with that

My grandson is in Singapore, and he just chose courses in school. His score of Spanish language is 98, and he also wants to learn Spanish language. Meanwhile, he is learning mandarin, his oral language is very good but his writing is not great.

Later we persuaded him to learn mandarin in mandaringarden for almost the same reason as what you said. Now he is to take Chinese language as an elective course, and we hope our choice is right. However, it is fortunate that he understands our pains

The highest praise comes from the comment of a net friend of Philippines,

I am almost sure to say: Chinese language is the second most useful language only second to English in the world, especially Chinese Putonghua is very useful. If you can read and listen in Chinese language, I can surely tell you that it is very helpful to your occupation. Many Filipinos can speak Putonghua!

This world is changing quietly.

I suddenly feel that I have grasped a very great language.